Visa for residency in Russia

Our firm offers the following services for residency in Russia:

  • consultancy and detailed evaluation of the documents you hold
  • compilation of the set of documents needed for submission, and completion of the necessary paperwork
  • a 'road map' to guide you through the stages of RVP application

Supplementary services:

  • training and testing in Russian language, knowledge of Russian history and the basics of Russian law.
  • assistance in taking and passing the medical examinations needed, at a specialised medical centre
  • translation of your documents
  • support when collecting the receipt for your document submission
  • support when submitting your documents

You can submit the documents for a residency permit (RP) once you have obtained a temporary residency permit (RVP), but no later than six, months before the expiration of the REVP. Given this, the RP will be issued no earlier than one year after the beginning of residency on the basis of the RP.

The review period for documents for RP is six months.

From the moment of obtaining the RP, a foreign citizen has all the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation - exception for the right to vote. Limitations are the need to enter the Russian Federation at least once every 183 days and submit annual notifications confirming residence in the Russian Federation. Foreign citizens who have arrived in a visa can enter and leave the Russian Federation without applying for visas. Work activities may be carried out without a work permit.

A residency permit is issued for a period of 5 years (from November 1, 2019 indefinitely). When renewing a residence permit, it is necessary to submit documents at least 6 months before the expiration of the current residence permit.

After obtaining a residence permit, a foreign citizen must:

  1. Within 7 working days after receiving a residence permit, register in the territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  2. Annually inform the territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the place of registration of confirmation of their residence in the Russian Federation.