How a foreign national - highly qualified specialist should enter the RF

By RF government resolution N 1671-p dated 25.06.2020 a single entry to the RF is allowed for highly qualified specialists, included in special lists.

In accordance with the resolution the entry will be carried out under the lists sent to the FSB and MVD of Russia by federal bodies of executive power who are in charge of an employer or a customer of services of a foreign employee.

Suspension in processing invitations, visas and work permits is revoked for highly qualified specialists included in these lists.

At that the status of a highly qualified specialist can be confirmed only by a corresponding labour contract and a valid work permit or by the intention to process such a permit. Thus, citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union, who carry out labor activities in the RF without work permits,  cannot formally confirm their HQS status and in the end it is probable that they will not be able to use the government resolution to enter the RF within the pandemic period.

At the present day the scheme of realisation of the resolution is as follows:

Enter the Russian Federation for highly qualified specialist

  1. An employer applies to a profile ministerium with a reasonable request to include a foreign specialist in a special list.
  2. If the employer was convincing enough the corresponding ministerium applies to MVD and FSB with a request to process an entry permit (invitation, work permit).
  3. After receiving confirmation on  inclusion in the lists the company may commence organisation of crossing the RF border by the foreign employee, processing an invitation or a work permit.

Despite the seeming easiness of the plan on practice very many questions arise. For example, within what time periods a reply from the ministerium should be taken, whether it is possible to know in advance an entry item through the RF state border and an arrival date, what should be done with HQS accompanying family members, etc.

We are also paying your attention on the fact that if a foreign national entered the RF outside the current restrictions and observed the quarantine period of 14 days, an employer may submit documents for a work permit.

Our company is ready  to render support and assistance on all stages of the process, described above

With a full text of the resolution you can get acquainted under the link: